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before trav​elling

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issuing tickets

You can issue a ticket on our website, by calling our Contact Center on 902 45 46 45, and at Trasmediterranea's agencies, offices and ferry terminals.

Our Customer Call Centre issues virtual tickets for individual customers, giving them a record locator so that they can go to a company office or ferry terminal and receive the boarding card.

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travel documents

In order to travel you must have the original, valid documentation as required by current regulations (DNI, passport, NIE), and this must be presented to Transmediterranea staff upon boarding. Minors should be identified by means of a DNI, passport or family register.

Minors under 14 years of age should always be accompanied when travelling. If the accompanying adult is not a parent or legal guardian, a parent or guardian must authorise the child to travel by means of written consent which must be presented alongside a photocopy of the parent's DNI and the family register that the minor is registered in.

If you hold a Resident and/or Large Family Card, we recommend that you carry it with you when the boarding cards are being issued at the boarding counter, just in case there is any kind of computer problems when validating it. So as to carrying out the boarding process in a quick and agile way, we appreciate you having the required documentation at hand."
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You can take up to 40 kg of luggage on the bridge and 30 kg on the seats. Nevertheless, you must take into account the amount that you can move on your own and please pay special attention to valuable objects. Trasmediterranea is not liable for any thefts or loss of passenger luggage or personal objects.

If you travel on a seat, depending on the ship and route, we will provide a luggage room where you can keep your luggage, and it will remain in a common area that is locked with a key during the journey.

Take into account the goods that cannot be taken on board because they are considered to be illegal or hazardous prohibited or controlled goods.

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prohibited or controlled goods

For safety reasons, the following goods are forbidden in hand luggage, registered luggage and inside the vehicles:

  • Briefcases and security type attaché cases with built-in alarm devices.
  • Explosives, ammunition, fireworks and flares.
  • Gases (flammable, non-flammable, intensely chilled or poisonous), such as gas for camping, oxygen, propane and butane.
  • Flammable liquids such as fuels, paints and solvents. Líquidos inflamables, como combustibles, pinturas o disolventes.
  • Flammable solids, such easy-to-ignite articles, substances subject to spontaneous combustion and substances that emit flammable gases in contact with water.
  • Oxidising substances such as soda and peroxide.
  • Radioactive materials.
  • Certain restrictions are also applicable to medicines, toiletries, dry ice, oxygen and carbon dioxide cylinders for medical use, and ammunition for hunting weapons.
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boarding deadline

Remember that the boarding limit for passengers is 30 minutes, except for fast ships, which is 15 minutes. If you are travelling with a vehicle, this will be 60 minutes.

The boarding deadline is the minimum time that passengers need to arrive before the official scheduled time stated on the ticket.

Once the boarding limit time has elapsed, the boarding will be closed and the company will not incur in any liability if it does not admit the passengers and/or vehicles if they arrive when boarding has been closed.

In the Cádiz-Canaries-Cádiz route, passengers must be at the terminal at least 2 hours before boarding because of customs.

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online check-in

With the Online Check-in service, you can print your boarding card 7 days before your departure without having to pick it up from the counter. Online Check-in:

  • The booking must be paid.
  • Passengers must show the copy for the shipping company and for the customer when boarding.
  • Routes to and from Algeciras, Ceuta and Tangier.
  • Group locators.
  • Routes operated by other companies or discounted tickets whose supporting documents do not exist in our system.
  • These boarding cards must be picked up at the counter.
Situations when passengers must turn up at the counter
  • When passengers lose the boarding card or have not received it.
  • If for technical or operational reasons (e.g. faulty or incomplete printing), the boarding card cannot be validated electronically when entering the ship.
  • If the passengers do not have the copies of the boarding card (the copy for the shipping company and for the customer).
  • Boarding cards that are damaged or do not have a barcode will not be accepted when boarding. The issuance of a new boarding card must be requested at the counter.
  • Once the boarding card has been issued, no changes can be made in the booking.
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how to arrive, the maps of our ports

For the status of our ports, click this link: maps​ of our ports

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issuing the boarding card

Boarding cards can be issued on our website Online Check-in or from the self-service check-in machines at our ferry terminals, if you do not have to show any specific documents (discounts for residents/large families), and at the counter.

At the counters, our staff will ask you for your boarding ticket or coupon, entering the booking number to check your details, and issue the boarding card, which will include the vehicle, baby or pet in any case.

For passengers who are residents and/or have a large family, we will also check:

  • The details of each resident's ticket in the database of residents or large families.
  • A photocopy of the ID card, residence card or large family card will remain at the Office if it is not included in the database.

All the passengers, babies and pets must have a boarding card with their name.

Our staff will inform you of the boarding time and gate and, if you travel with a vehicle, of the pre-boarding area where you can park your vehicle and wait until boarding.

Do not worry if you have lost your boarding card before using it. You will not pay an extra charge if you lose a boarding card. We will make a duplicate copy free of charge.

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boarding control

Before boarding the ship in the pre-boarding area, our counter staff will cross-check the passengers' identity cards, passports and residence cards with the boarding card's details. If the details do not coincide, the passenger cannot board the ship.

Trasmediterranea provides the appropriate services so that your wait at the pre-boarding area is as comfortable as possible.

During the crossing, make sure that you keep your boarding card.

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boarding vehicles

boarding vehicles

Enjoy the freedom of taking your own car or travelling without a baggage limit. You can take anything that the family wants so that you can enjoy a fun vacation. You will forget about the stress at airports and having to hire a car at the destination; moreover, you will be able to travel without any limits in your own car.

Remember that your vehicle's documents and insurance must be valid before boarding. The deadline is 60 minutes before the ship departs. Please respect this deadline so that you can avoid any problems when boarding; once that time has passed, Trasmediterranea cannot guarantee that it will accept you on board. You must take into account that there may be long queues in the peak season.

The vehicles must always be boarded with a driver. The trailers must be boarded and always travel with the vehicle that carries them.

The luggage can be boarded inside the vehicle. We recommend that you take what you need during the crossing since the garage will remain closed.

The vehicle that enters the ship must be the same as that stated on the ticket, and must have the same length and height as those stated in the booking; otherwise, Trasmediterranea cannot guarantee that the vehicle will be shipped.

If the vehicle that is boarded corresponds to a higher rate than that for the booked vehicle, the passenger must pay the price difference. The company may request passengers for the technical file of the booked vehicle so that it can check it.

To comply with security regulations, the passengers' names, the identity documents' details, the brand, type and number plate of the vehicles stated in the ticket must obligatorily correspond to the passengers and vehicles when departing. Otherwise, the passengers may be refused access to boarding.

The rates vary depending on the route and the total length measurements.

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pleasure crafts

If you travel with a pleasure craft, you must leave it in the ship's garage together with your vehicle as an integral part of it. The length will correspond to the measurements of the vehicle plus those of the vessel (including the towbar) and the length to that of the vehicle plus the vessel.

The rates vary depending on the route and the total length measurements.

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free shipping of bicycles and surfboards

Trasmediterranea provides a free service for carrying bicycles, surfboards and kayaks. They are carried in the garage, properly tied up. The bicycles and surfboards are loaded, custodied and unloaded by their owners.

free shipping of bicycles

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on board the ship, acommodation

on board the ship, acommodation

If you travel on a seat, depending on the ship and route, we will provide a luggage room where you can keep your luggage, and it will remain in a common area that is locked with a key during the journey.

Our staff will inform you of your seats and the service timetable.

There are many things to do during the crossings and all the Trasmediterranea fleet has all types of services to entertain you.

Depending on the route, you can enjoy our restaurants, bars, lounges, shops, children's play areas, gyms and other services.

If you bring a pet, depending on the ship, you can visit your pet to make sure that it is fine and calm during the journey. Depending on its characteristics, you can even request permission to take it for a walk on the deck.

For more information, please check the section on On-board services.​

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Once the ship reaches the destination port, we will let you know through the public address system that you can pick up your luggage and vehicles.

Our staff will show you where to pick up your luggage from the boot and/or your pet from the cage so that you can get off the ship. We will also show you how to get off the ship with your vehicle.