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Leading the world in infrastructure, water and renewable energies.

ACCIONA is one of Spain's principal business groups and a leader in the fields of infrastructure development and management, renewable energy, water and services.

With a century of history, and more than 30,000 professionals, it operates in over 30 countries on the five continents. ACCIONA is included in Spain's blue-chip Ibex 35 index and is a core stock in the market (see financial information).

ACCIONA's positioning as a pioneer in development and sustainability expresses its capacity to respond to the challenge of attaining sustainable development through all its areas of activity. One of its specific commitments is to steadily reduce its carbon footprint and lead the transition to a low-carbon economy. ACCIONA's activities and businesses avoid millions of metric tons of emissions every year (see emissions meter). The Sustainability Master Plan develops the Company's sustainability strategy.

ACCIONA's commitment to innovation has consolidated through more investments, projects, programs and people, all of which underscores the Company's intention to continue to lead the way in the development of more sustainable solutions and alternatives (see graphics ACCIONA by the numbers).

ACCIONA EcoPowered

A sailboat zero emissions

At ACCIONA we created a "zero emissions boat" powered by 100% renewable energy, able to compete this November 2012 in the Vendée Globe 2012, the toughest race on the planet. A solo round the world non-stop. Conceived as a sustainable boat from the first piece, the boat ACCIONA is as competitive as their opponents, but if the need to use any fossil fuel. After two years working in R & D + i through the work of a multidisciplinary team of 70 people, we have succeeded in designing, on the one hand, teams that ensure the supply of energy from the resources of sun, wind and water, and secondly, maximize hydrodynamic sailboat designs and materials of new generation.

Vídeo ACCIONA 100% EcoPowered en la Vendée Globe 2012

ACCIONA Windpowered Antártica

The first zero emissions sled

100 years after the arrival of Amundsen and Scott to the South Pole, ACCIONA drives in a sledge expedition 100% eco-efficient: the ACCIONA Windpowered Antarctica. This is the first scientific expedition in which the efficacy of a zero emissions vehicle, powered only with the power of the wind with the help of kites over 80 m2.

The ACCIONA Windpowered Antarctica, as well as being a mobile laboratory, constitutes an ideal solution for the supply and transportation of various scientific basis of the polar regions. Thus, ACCIONA takes a step further in their concern for energy efficiency, returning to be pioneers in the search for solutions based exclusively on renewable energies. Because the major challenges can also be eco-efficient.

Vídeo ACCIONA Windpowered Antártica

Sustainability for all

Find out, learn and share sustainability

To learn more about our sustainability policy, see our website