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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Malaga and northeastern Morocco

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" 'Road trip' across the Strait . The most unknown Morocco , starting in the most authentic Malaga and Melilla manor . This really has not done (almost ) no one !

1. Malaga​​​

What he asks the camera

The very new Pier One has become the port of Malaga in one place to be and is not a point where they just happen. After wandering around the Palm of Surprises ( medium size palm trees still shows how rejuvenated the place) , try a tapenade with anchovies in the Gorki without realizing you're taking a walk down Calle Larios , the epicenter of Malaga there to do . Fancy go from here with a ' segway ' . One step , for that matter , his is visiting " The Manquita " as they call this cathedral of Malaga Renaissance legend, the Alcazaba Muslim . Speaking of rides , the passage Chinitas is a maze of streets with life at any time.​

The culture does not take place

Few know it , but Malaga is increasingly ' museada ' : manners in the Thyssen Museum Picasso abstraction and relics in Pablo Picasso 's birthplace , or the last of the last in the ACC . And a couple of oddities that you can not miss : the Automobile Museum and the Customs and Popular Arts. Their names are unambiguous . Rarer still : English Anglican cemetery , the oldest in the Iberian Peninsula. In the performing arts are commissioned and commissioned respectively the Teatro Cervantes and the Roman Theatre , the latter now preceded by a pyramid -style methacrylate Louvre, but without Tom Hanks solving puzzles . In the culinary arts cares Shipyards Central Market , one of the few ancient markets remain faithful to the purchase and sale of supplies , no cool bars . For cocktails that are already on pace to chill out on the terrace of the Hotel Molina Lario, overlooking La Manquita , edgy or oxtail burger Restaurante Manzanilla ( chef Dani Garcia by , 2 Michelin stars for Calima ) . Also in the middle feel like flirty declared in Concepción Botanical Garden , or take notes on flora in the Paseo del Parque , planted with specimens coming from halfway around the world .


In flip

The best hot sun is east of the capital. Forget the crowded beach Gustloff and the west coast too trendy to take a sand spits on Pedregalejo ride ( the Inkwell if we bustle, Morata or goat if we want humane treatment ) . And along with the fish , one of the best raw Spain and some abroad is served in the restaurant Rocio Tapas y Sushi . Or seafood from the always festive songs Pimpi Florida, in the neighboring suburb of El Palo . Not to be confused with The Pimpi , most central and touristy, but equally recommended. And now you're back to the center , fried almonds dessert in a street stall . On the Costa del Sol always does well, but we will pray to heaven kind of cool as an excuse to try the churros with chocolate Casa Aranda and climb to the mountains to try the dish heat the place : said of egg , chorizo ​​, lomo, potatoes, peppers and crumbs on a plate overflowing . The risotto is a thing of the sale The Tunnel, and rice restaurant Sailor Twins .

A secret around every corner

One day should finish with a coffee at the Parador de Gibralfaro , suspended over the bay of Malaga and monitoring the ancient fortress that bears its name . And a thousand years is not typically malaguita exaggeration . By the way , here not order a coffee , here calls a " cloud ," "a shadow " or maybe "one half " , and is usually Santa Cristina , so from here , such as beer or wine Victoria " pajarete " of the Old Guard house . Old also really, exactly 1840 . Other things you should do, or yes , you get ready for shopping on New Street with a swim in The Hamman Arabic . New Eye Street , no street Larios , but parallel. Walking 20 meters 've fled the turisteo and find more local shops and less ' postureo ' multinational. If we have the vintage body , nothing beats the tipical tapas fifty Andalucia Cortijo de Pepe , best prior to go hear the rock flamenco Juan Breva . You will not regret .​

2. Melilla

Cocktail beachfront at Le Cabestan

Start by tearing down the myths : in Melilla not so hot . Typically 20-25 degrees meet . Makes good , period. Second urban legend : Melilla is multicultural , yes , but not at all dangerous , cockney or rude . Missing anchor in a city accustomed to receiving the polyhedral out since time immemorial , ie cozy . Third lie : Melilla city is not simply a " default " but estate villa Christian, Muslim , Jewish and even Hindus. This is what has to be Mediterranean port . The plan you propose callejeropedestre necessarily modernist building La Reconquista , Melul House or City Hall. And since you have set in the Old City , the food testing Moorish Modern Snail . Exquisite . And Climb onto the Parador to enjoy the view with a coffee. Anytime.

Around the car to head south through Beni - Enzar to the sands of the sea Girl , something like the Mar Menor in Morocco, but as yet undiscovered (and put up for tourism, although improvement month to month) . Huge sand silent lagoon evolved from shells, as it should be , and with so little flow that can end up making friends with those who drink tea . To eat , the better to turn to Atalayoun Golf Resort area .



3. Nador

Melilla and Nador Both have grown so much that it almost confused. The Moroccan side of the fence art deco architecture colonial remember what it was this area, and you are required to keep track of the palms to transit Mohamed V Avenue , heart of shopping in a city to which mainly comes buy , as all border towns. While you are on the beach , charcoal grilled meats are the order of the day in a corner ignored by guidebooks still living on the street , a village of souks and squares where smoking hookah. And if you feel rural , try a trip to Mount Gurugú : see cattle grazing in the style of Switzerland. Remember Rif mountains are there next .



4. Saidia

The blue pearl call , so unoriginal name we promise not to repeat it. To see whitewashed houses could have stayed in Mijas , and to see more colors indigo is hand Juzcar or to Asilah , so seek beyond the postcard. You'll find 14 miles of uninterrupted sand beach that does not burn the feet ( ie not land ) to give your flip pasear.Entre and boardwalk , forgiveness, corniche , mimosas and eucalyptus give an elegant touch but casual . Marina Saidia is so new that any comment remains outdated every 15 days : schools taking advantage of transparent snorkel adjacent waters , spas , recreational fishing and water skiing are the attractions of a town-resort in the not fail to hear the waves. Nor night, when will change the sunscreen suit by white linen shirt . Caution: the 'all inclusive' begin to colonize the area.

5. Al Hoceima​

Al Hoceima distant sounds , the Arabian Nights , but if the call Alhucemas , as it has been called lifelong har nearest you . From Saidia , through Nador , you come to this corner in the middle of nowhere on one of those roads so pompous that fancy name to say in French: ring road Mediterranee . Yes, in Morocco it to bend the rails is a luxury reserved only atlantique Coast , so better not pass 80 km / h .>

The second most famous Mediterranean Rock ( let's give that honor to Gibraltar , did the de Ifach in Calpe ? ) Was Spanish until so recently that posters today are still written in Castilian and locals looking for something to do in the Institute Spanish Melchor de Jovellanos. Meal times they mark the fishing boats that supply the tavern -hotel Port Al Kozhama . By the way , call Al Hoceima city but should call archipelago islands flanking the coast several Sfiha so close that beg to be made ​​to swim , if only to verify that indeed , that emblem gnawed by the sun in the distance oteas is the flag of Spain .


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