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​From Spain to Morocco , with the car

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Algeciras , Ceuta , Tetouan , Chefchaouen, and Tangier Ouezzane . An unforgettable journey by road in northern Morocco that deploys all its charms. Start the engine and let go ... from the boat.

1. Algeciras​​​

First contact with the bay

Just get to the port of Algeciras , strange industrial beauty landscape dotted with iron chandeliers . Two steps awaits the bay, and a little beyond , the promise of the journey across the sea. Ceuta and Morocco waiting just around the corner but if you come with time , takes to park the car and make a quick foray into the city. Without leaving the port , you can leave the car in the parking Parking El Carmen or Verboom . They charge 12 to 16 euros per day , respectively , although it is possible to park only a few hours .

The heart of the city

Come to visit the Plaza Alta de Algeciras , necessary to take the pulse of the city center and close to the port. If you fancy a meal blunt , you can go for a walk to the Carbonari , a steakhouse specializing in meat conquer you first by the smell of the embers and then the stomach. Other classics in the area include The Tannery or Blog , both perfect for tapas or pamper yourself in a position .


2. Ceuta

Algeciras-Ceuta: 30 km

Relax with sea views

The Parador Hotel La Muralla , in the heart of Ceuta, is reputed to be the best in town and will not disappoint those seeking an urban oasis with an oriental touch . Attached to the walls of the city , this four star hotel is located two kilometers from the port and has a limited parking spaces . When you arrive you will not want to move from your terrace, swimming pool, palm trees and spectacular views of the Mediterranean .

Kayak in the light of the moon

The Royal Walls Ceuta are unique. And there is a saying. Throughout Spain there is no other example of Renaissance military architecture navigable moat , so you have to use it. Kayak Ceuta organizes an hour nocturnal excursions for its hot all year round . The experience of moving by canoe X century fortification when illuminated priceless.


Until you drop

In Ceuta not only to make relevant tapas route during the day. Also discover the night, one of the liveliest in the entire Atlantic coast . Besides guided by instinct, should shop around for the Poblado Marinero , where there are many pubs and clubs in the city. If you want to see it at full boil , drop by here on Friday or Saturday.



3. Tetouan

Ceuta-Tetouan: 42 km

Sleeping in the medina

Around 60,000 people live in the Medina of Tetouan , a beautiful maze that climbs the hill and your charm intact . Within it and close the widening Spanish , is El Reducto , a fabulous riad to spend the night , dine or simply sip tea. The staff are lovely and from your terrace provides citywide.


Not suitable for diabetics

If sweets tempt you , watch Tetouan. The city occupies a place of honor on the map of Morocco sweet and here , the locals proudly say , produces some of the best sweet country . If you do not want to fall into the temptation , stay away from sweet medina industry : do not ever get close by the bakeries Dallas , The Glacial and Rasmouni . Insurance succumb .

Breaks Martil shirts and El Rincon

Only a few miles separate the White City of the coast , accessible by car or taxi in about fifteen minutes . Martil , 10 kilometers , and El Rincon , 12 , are the two closest options . Both towns , frequented in summer and very quiet the rest of the year, have good beaches and boardwalks in which to sit to have a snack or taste the local fish.

4. Chefchaouen​

Tetouan- Chefchaouen: 65 km

Ibn Battuta , a riad for backpackers

In the beautiful Chefchaouen, one of the most tourist in Morocco , no traveler will have trouble finding accommodation. If you do not want to scratch your pocket you can opt for the Riad Ibn Battuta , an Arab house with terrace frequented by local and foreign backpackers . If the plan is not giving up any luxury , rooms Perleta House will not disappoint .

Waterfalls and Bridge of God

SIf you do not have enough with the animated waterfalls of Ras - el- Maa, located alongside the walls of Chefchaouen and used by visitors and locals to take a dip , the surroundings offer many possibilities for trekking. Talassemtane National Park , " cold source " in Berber houses many routes . Akchour , 35 kilometers of Chefchaouen, is the starting point to visit the famous Bridge of God or refresh in the freshwater pools .​

5. Ouezzane


Chefchaouen- Ouezzane: 71 Km.

Motel Rif , a stop on the road

Continuing the journey , you will come to the city of Ouezzane , an important spiritual center for Sufis and Jews dating from Roman times. Four kilometers south towards Fez is the Motel Rif , a curious roadside hotel with pool and parking which has its own farm supply .

In search of the perfect hijab

Although Ouezzane does not have many tourist facilities , is the place you must go if you are looking for the authentic hijab Rif . Here are made the most famous of Morocco , as well as carpets first . To check, simply browse the posts of textile artisans in the medina . Either you go from there without trying their oil : is another of its key products .


6. Tangier


Ouezzane- Tangier: 111 Km.

Nord -Pinus Tanger , a fancy beachfront

Luxury is in every corner of the Nord -Pinus Tanger , a splendid riad with sea views designed to make time stand still . Spend the night involves waking up in a canopy bed or breakfast overlooking the strait , but also can approach an aperitif on the terrace if you're not host. To leave the car there are two nearby parking areas that are protected 24 hours a day.


Madeeni , Arabian fragrances

The perfume Madeeni , with shelves crowded with bottles of all sizes and colors , are an institution in Tangier . Its owners have for generations dedicated to play world-famous flavors wisely and also to develop their own creations and traditional essences . In the medina you will find on Rue Sebu . In the enlargement , on Boulevard Pasteur. Normally there tail.

La Piscine , urban dip

Sofas in the grass , wicker awnings refreshing and one of the largest pools around Tangier , but not least , is confused with the groundswell . Facilities of the La Piscine, open daily from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm, are able to de-stress to anyone. If you eat there , you must pay 30 euros . If you just a snack or a dip , 10.

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