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​​Menorca, the underwater paradise
mapa Baleares

This island, Biosphere Reserve, it offers more beaches and coves Majorca, Ibiza and Formentera, the other three stars of the archipelago, together. And store up to 200 miles of lush coastline of Spain. Do not get tired of exploring its seabed. Word of diver.

Nautical and diving centers

You may not know: on the boat can carry all your scuba gear, including oxygen bottles. Yes, take them downloaded. And another track, if you like the sea: Mahon, Ciutadella and Fornells marinas boast a comprehensive leisure offer. They harbor dive centers, hotels, restaurants and car rental companies. Having vehicle is basic to access some remote wilderness areas or (keep us a secret). But, on the boat you can also bring your own car. If not, rent one solve the problem.

1. First stage: San Luis-S'Algar

Only ten kilometers south of Mahon is San Luis, the first town in Spain where the sun rises. There are a considerable number of apartments and hotels to stay. If you are attracted to your style, you can opt for rural hotels or Biniarroca SonTretze. The capacity is limited. Advisable to book before. The coves of Binissafúller, Biniancolla and Binibeca are a must. Rafalet Creek also totally virgin. Four kilometers from the town find the dive center Diving S'Algar. They offer courses for all levels.




If you have never dived, must 'baptized' in this discipline. In a two-hour introductory course will learn the basics and use the equipment. Then in the nearby beach, live your first dive.

​PADI Open Water Diver

It is the gateway to diving deeper levels. I credited as open water divers worldwide. Medical certificate is required prior. The title enables you to go down to 18 meters with a partner without supervision. The Advanced Open Water Diver course is the next level. Allows diving up to 40 meters.

Suggestions for divers

Cave Freshwater Source. Immersion between S'Algar and Cala Rafalet. A column of fresh water, pretty cool by the way, wait for the end of the cave. Eels and octopuses observed ...

The Cathedral.Huge underwater cave located in Cap d'en Font. It is illuminated by sunlight and the turquoise blue water. Fascinating.

El Campanario. The most spectacular dive with a unique scenery of stalactites and stalagmites.

2.Second stage: Fornells

Thirty-five miles separate San Luis Fornells Township. It is a charming traditional fishing village clear, with port and marina, white houses and less than a thousand inhabitants. Perceive a change in the landscape. The coast is rugged and rocky now, we are in the center-north of the island. From the Tower of Fornells is a spectacular view of the area.

Food and lodging

If you like to eat, you're in luck. Fornells is a temple of the traditional cuisine. Lobster stew known here as anywhere else. In the center, within walking distance of the church, have the restaurant is Cranc. If you want to view while you eat port activity, another option is the restaurant's Port. The municipality runs away from mass tourism. So accommodation must be booked. There are a number of quality family hotels, apartments and aparthotels.

Northern Marine Reserve

The waters north of Menorca have the official seal of Marine Reserve.


​​​It is of the last wilderness areas in the Mediterranean. Take advantage of it to open your eyes underwater. There are two main centers of diving. The Diving Center Fornells, and the dive center Diving Menorca, located in the Hotel Playa Club carema

Suggestions for divers

Porros Island. It is the northern boundary of the marine reserve. The more experienced divers down to 30 meters to stunning look closely groupers and barracudas.

Caves d'es Llamp.You will visit four spectacular caverns lit backlights to 16 meters deep. Magic. Pere Patró Llosa. One of the most amazing dives across the north. Also accessible at all levels, from ten to 25 meters. Again you amaze with mere of enormous dimensions, golden, barracudas and corvallos.

Beaches: seeing is believing

There are a number of coves and beaches on the north coast you can not miss.

Cala Tirant.In some areas you can walk up to one hundred feet into the water without having to swim. Widely used by windsurfers by the Tramontana wind. Just as the Playa de Ses Salines.

Cala Pregonda. Pure visual spectacle. The closest thing to a moonscape. Mike Oldfield illustrated the cover of his album Incantations with a picture of the cove. Better to see than describe.

Cabo Cavalleria. Emblematic for its distinctive lighthouse. It houses three charming little coves with easy access.

3. Third stage: Citadel

Another 35 miles separate Citadel Fornells, Menorca second largest city by population. It is the west of the island. I expect narrow streets and charming, Menorca Cathedral and, of course, its beautiful doors to. Here it is sometimes possible to see the spectacular rissaga, a phenomenon of oscillation of sea level rise as the anchored boats.

​Suggestions for divers

There are a bunch of diving centers in Ciudadela. Among them Scuba Plus school, associated with the Nautical of Menorca, Ciutadella and Diving Center.​​

Bautismo buceo

The Route of the Meros.Immersion is parallel to the coast, with a maximum depth of 18 meters. The aim is to browse a multitude of small caves in the predominantly meros.

Pont d'en Gil. The holy grail for lovers of the caves. This cave is 200 meters long bridge hidden under a rock. Eels, shrimp and hermits appearing amidst gorges, stalactites and stalagmites. Down to 18 meters away.

The submarine. A giant bow submerged rock which resembles a nuclear submarine. Tour also caves and cavities at a depth of 22.5 metros.

Francisquita. Fantastic Voyage only for the more experienced. Visit a Spanish freighter sunk in 1952. It rests on a rocky bottom inhabited by congrios.

Malakoff. Also for experienced divers. In this case, are the remains of a French ship that sank in 1929 after a collision with another vessel caused by fog.

Three bays to enjoy


Cala Turqueta. One of the most famous in Menorca for its azure waters and fine sand. You have to come by car, leave it in the parking lot to the beach and walk ten minutes to arrive.

Cala Macarella. Unforgivable miss. Very close to the above, within ten minutes walk. Both compete for beauty.

Cala Galdana. CWith a family, you can rent boats for a walk, see much of the coast and snorkel, of course. ​

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