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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​Marrakech and other luxuries

mapa marruecos

Aromas, palaces, gourmet kitchen, kindness, hospitality and unbelievable landscapes. The Moroccan traveler can offer be as exquisite as its culture. We are guided by the Moroccan Deluxe.

1. Marrakech

Smell, touch and buy in Beldi.

Chafiq Ennaoui and Aimee Bianca are the couple behind this tiny shop-temple. Here are kaftans, carpets, ceramics and accessories that are far from the idealized beauty for tourists. The stakes are clear: in Beldi sells authentic handcrafts, sometimes austere and harsh, but always honest and smart. Only offer their own products, which are 100% handmade by Moroccan artisans. It's easy to walk by this store. No one comes to Beldi by chance.


If you wander through the gardens of La Mamounia (with its huge olive trees) or sleep in one of the rooms redesigned by Jacques Garcia is an experience, you can still go further. If it is to be unique, nothing like doing something limited to a single space. To celebrate its 90 years, this symbol of Marrakech launches its own wine. Icône is called and is made exclusively by and for the hotel. Only you can taste there in the sun on the terrace or in the shadow of his bar.

A private riad in the Royal Mansour

There are no aisles, but streets, no rooms, but riads, no single pool, but a by riad ... This place is in a medina medina. Called hotel because somehow have to call. Who goes to this place hidden from Marrakech receives the key of a private riad ditto service. It has several floors, terrace and every imaginable detail. In your spare time, you can go to the spa, infinitely photogenic.
Un riad privado en el Royal Mansour 

Massage lemon and mint in Palais Namaskar

The East meets West and North and South in this corner of the Palmeraie of Marrakech. The villas of this XXI century palace are a cross between the Balinese and Scandinavian, but what is local is the dedication of the welfare hotel. During this summer, turns to natural protocols carrying floral decorations, garden parties, organic menus, cocktails with local fruits, a cinema and palm trees, the main course, a massage with essential oils of lime and mint. Ommm.

Catching the spirit of Yves Saint Laurent in the Majorelle garden

It is as popular as indispensable. This is an unusual garden chaired by Majorelle blue and the spirit of Yves Saint Laurent. It was he and Pierre Berge those who recovered and vowed to protect. The garden was the brainchild of Jacques Majorelle, like many artist and adopted by the town red. It, along with exotic plants and rare species of cactus, there is a shop with exquisite designs, a library, a small exhibition space and a small cafe to sit and watch life go by.
Atrapar el espíritu de Yves Saint Laurent en el jardín Majorelle 

Arab Horses Selman

A good hotel usually has a good kitchen, a good pool, but, less frequently, a block of thoroughbred horses. The Selman's, a hotel that belongs to the latest batch of hotelazos of Marrakech, has his own. The horses come from the equestrian center Bennani Smires Abdeslam Rabat, there they are the guests of honor. Customers can watch them. It is neither a block or a hotel use to use: the great Jacques Garcia is, again, behind.

Cooking classes under the pergola

These times have said goodbye passive traveler. Now, look for experiences that can trap some of the culture that wants to know. Cooking courses are attractive for that reconcile the practical with the sensual. In the delightful hotel Les Jardins de la Medina in Marrakech have their own cooking school. There he learns to cook tajine, salad, bread and cuscous after passing through the market. The experience culminates with a tasting in the hotel's terrace listening to muacín background.
Clases de cocina bajo la pérgola 

2. Casablanca

Cocktail beachfront at Le Cabestan

The Casablanca gastrooferta is extraordinary. Perhaps, in variety and level the best in the country. This confirms that there is life, and much, beyond the couscous. The origins of Le Cabestan back to the 20s. It has a local classic style reinvented. Here the most beautiful people of the place comes to tea, dinner or finish the day with a cocktail. What remains unchanged is its sea views.

3. Oualidia

Rest by the pond

A tranquil lagoon, a fishing village, an abandoned palace, oysters and seafood ... All this is the one that stands out from the traditional tourist centers and escapes to Oualidia. Enjoy this environment from a good hotel enhances the experience. La Sultana has twelve delightful rooms and a pool whose water merges with the lagoon.

4. Essaouira

Hammam seaside

No need to go chasing the wind to enjoy a holiday in Essaouira. This seaside, historic and bohemian taste, offers deli of all kinds. The hammam is part of Moroccan culture. In Azur can enjoy this ritual consists of bathing, exfoliation (and can be very intense) and massage. Who has not spent a couple of hours of this there has been in Morocco.

5. Fez

Sleeping in a palace

In the medina of Fez, Heritage and Heritage also those looking for intense feelings, is this hotel. It's in a 1879 palace and all the space is meeting a Moroccan fascination we have in mind. Decoration dream, kindness to the limit, details of hospitality from start to finish and the feeling of being in a parallel reality.

6. Tánger

Cocktail and Piano in Le Mirage

Impossible to imagine in a piano bar in Tangiers and not feel an expatriate elegant, a writer looking for inspiration or someone with many secrets. Tangier is real legends territory and idealized realities. The legendary hotel Le Mirage hides a piano bar to do justice to the tradition of the city.

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