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travel with your p​ets

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booking your pets

In collaboration with Fundación Affinity, Trasmediterranea has done as much as possible so that you can enjoy the trip with your pet. We accept any pets, provided that they are documented. Pets are considered to be dogs, cats and inoffensive animals who board the ship in their cage, which must not exceed 50*40*25 cm, or with a leash, collar and muzzle, if they are too big to get on the ship in that cage.

To access the ship, you must book a place and obtain a boarding card for your pets, whether they travel in the fitted-out cages or in their own pet carriers. When making the booking, please indicate what your pet will travel in, either a cage or pet carrier. The rates and accommodation for transporting pets vary from route to route. Make sure that you bring your pet's healthcare card and that it is up to date with the vaccine and deworming calendar. Remember to bring food for your pet since this is up to the owner.

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where do the pets travel

Pets can travel in the fitted-out cages or free of charge in the pet carriers on board our fast ships.

In the kennels: Depending on the route and characteristics, our ships have kennels of different sizes that are especially designed to provide your pet with the greatest comfort during the crossing. See the fleet. The kennels have been built with special materials that prevent the presence of parasites. They are also subjected to a meticulous cleaning and disinfection process before every journey. The kennels are located very close to the hold's ventilation holes and are always aerated. Depending on the ship, you can visit your pet to make sure that it is fine and calm during the journey. Depending on its characteristics, you can even request permission to take it for a walk on the deck.

For your peace of mind, all Trasmediterranea ships have a first-aid kit for pets and a 24-hour animal hotline to deal with any unforeseen events. If you want to visit your pet during the journey, please check our staff about the times. If your vet has told you to visit it more than once, please let us know.

In pet carriers: At Trasmediterranea, our clients can carry their small pets within a pet carrier/cage on board our fast ships. The pet carrier must measure at most 50 x 40 x 25 cm and the pet must not weigh more than 6 kg. Check the general terms and conditions. Remember that the pet carrier must be appropriate, consistent, ventilated and have a waterproof and safe bottom. Please make sure that the animal cannot leave the pet carrier or be stolen from it. With respect to birds, make sure that the cages are resistant, the lock is safe and food and drinks cannot be spilled. Moreover, the cage must always be covered. If the animal is small or does not weigh much, several of the same species can be accepted in the same cage/pet carrier. Animals who, because of their special characteristics, bad smell, etc., may bother other passengers and the crew will not be accepted at any time.

D​ownload carrier conditions

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boarding and unboarding pets

Introduce yourself to the onboard staff when you get on the ship with your pet: they will help you with whatever you need. Make sure that your dog is properly leashed and muzzled when boarding and unboarding. Although it is a pet, the new situation and the crowd may alter its usual behaviour. Other animals must always board the ship inside a cage or pet carrier.

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g​uide dogs

Guide and assistance dogs are those that have been trained to accompany, lead and help people with disabilities, in specialist and officially recognised schools. Guide dogs and dogs who accompany people with reduced mobility have free access to the passenger facilities without any additional charge. They will not occupy a seat and must stay next to their owner without bothering other passengers. They must have their veterinarian ID card and be properly fitted with their muzzle, collar and leash.

The dogs must carry an official tag and their owners must accredit them at the request of the staff assisting persons with reduced mobility since they must comply with the measures for these dogs.

On the ships and on land, where possible, spots will be provided for guide dogs so that they can meet their physiological needs.

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travelling with pets to Morocco

If you travel with your pet to Morocco, you must bring the corresponding documents required in both the European Union and by the authorities of the Kingdom of Morocco. If you travel with pets, please check the requirements of the competent authorities.