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practical information

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timetable changes

The times may change due to force majeure, which prevents the ship from sailing safely, or any other reason. If you want to be informed about any changes for circumstantial reasons, please give us your mobile number and email when making the booking.

Nevertheless, all our ferry terminals provide information about the ships' departure and arrival times leaving or arriving at that port. You can also call our contact center on 902 45 46 45 and we will give you details about any changes.

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our ports planes

For the status of our ports, click this link: planes of our ports​​

our ports planes

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transport contract


These conditions are available to the interested parties all the company's outlets, ferry terminals and website (​

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cancellation of bookings and tickets

If passengers cancel or postpone a booking or ticket issued for a certain date, they are subject to the following conditions:

Speedy boarding Cancellation or postponement by the passenger of the reservation or ticket issued for a specific date will incur a penalty of 10% of the ticket price if the cancellation is made between 30 days and 48 hours before the departure of the ship and 20% within 48 hours of departure until two hours before.

Cancellation of tickets after the aforementioned deadlines will incur the application of a penalty for the total amount. 

Conventional services (all except speedy boarding) The cancellation or postponement by the passenger of the reservation or ticket issued for a specific date will incur a penalty of 10% of the ticket price if the cancellation is made between 30 days and 10 days before the departure of the ship and 

20% between 9 days and 2 days prior to departure.

Cancellation of tickets after the aforementioned deadlines will incur the application of a penalty for the total amount. If the passenger decides to bring forward the departure, he or she may cancel the ticket issued, free of charge, but must obtain his or her new seat in the same or superior accommodation as previously, paying any difference. 

Open tickets Changing from a CLOSED ticket to an OPEN ticket is considered a departure cancellation. Changing from an OPEN ticket to a CLOSED ticket is considered bringing forward the departure. Cancellation of an OPEN ticket does not incur any penalty. OPEN tickets are valid for one year from the date of issue. Their use is subject to a prior reservation fee. 

Tickets issued applying special rates. There are special rates subject to specific conditions. In these cases, the penalty for cancellation will be adjusted to the conditions of the applied rate, in some cases the total loss amounts to the price of the ticket.

If you have any doubts, please contact our Contact Center on 902 45 46 45.

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ticket cancellation insurance

By arranging this insurance, you can recover the amount of the tickets if, as a result of accidents or force majeure envisaged in the insurance conditions, you cannot take the trip. The insurance amount varies in accordance with the full ticket price, where the average amount is 3.3% once the charges and discounts (which are not reimbursed in any case) are applied.

This insurance must be arranged at the same time that the ticket is issued and cannot be arranged once the ticket has already been paid.

This policy is arranged with Axa Assistance, so you will have to claim the reimbursement from this company in the event of a cancellation:

Download Insurance terms and conditions​

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rights of passengers travelling by sea and inland waterway

On 18 December 2012, REGULATION (EU) NO. 1177/2010 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 24 November 2010 concerning the rights of passengers when travelling by sea and inland waterway, amending Regulation (EU) No. 2006/2004, entered into force.
To comply with article 23.1 of this Regulation,Trasmediterranea makes a summary of its provisions available to all the passengers. Include link:

Rights of passengers travelling by sea and inland waterway​

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pay with 3D secure

What is a 3D secure payment?

Trasmediterranea provides you with a new way to pay online. With 3D Secure, the security level for Visa payments is increased. This system avoids CNP (Card Not Present) problems, in other words, if someone obtains your card information or your card is stolen, they cannot make a purchase. With the 3D Secure system, false buyers will not know what additional information they will be asked for (personal security code). 

Icono Verified by Visa

How does it work? 

After entering your credit card information on our website, a new window will appear asking for your personal security code (PSC). 

In practice, we will continue to process Internet purchases as usual. Users will enter their card number, expiration date and cryptogram (CVV), but after entering this information, they will be redirected to their bank's website which will request additional information (PSC) 

The financial institution will authorise the transaction in seconds and will confirm that the user is the card owner and the payment will be processed. In order for a payment to use 3D Secure mode, it is necessary for the card to be 3D Secure and for the online shop to support 3D Secure. 

How do I activate my card? 

Almost all recently issued credit/debit cards are 3D Secure. For older cards, depending on the banks, the move to 3D Secure should be automatic, or the user will be asked to sign an additional clause to the contract. In any case, this will not require any change of card or modification of the existing card. 

The move to 3D Secure should not have any additional cost. Each bank uses a different system or a combination of them, but in general you should contact your bank by: Telephone

Internet banking

Physical office.

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travelling to Morocco

To enter Morocco, all passengers must show their passport; moreover, citizens of some countries must obtain a visa.

Remember that your ID card must be valid during ALL your stay in Morocco.

If you are not a Spanish national, please check the respective Moroccan embassies or consulates to see if you need a visa and how to process it.

Trasmediterranea is not responsible if the competent authorities do not accept the passengers.

travelling to Morocco